Documents for Loan


  1. NRIC
  2. Driving License (Applicant only)
  3. Latest 3 months Salary Slips /vouchers ( Just working, 1 months Salary Slip and Letter Offered)
  4. Latest EA or EPF Statement or Employment Confirmation or 3 months Bank / Passbook Statement or ASB/ASN.
  5. Gerantor if needed. Spouse details (NRIC and latest 3 months' proof of income if to support household income.



  1. Passport and employment / Contract Letter for foreigner
  2. Local guarantor is compulsory for foreigner and guarantor need to submit documents as per item 1, 4 and 5.
  3. Loan 70% ( No gerantor needed)


Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Self Employed

  1. NRIC
  2. Driving License (applicant only)
  3. SSM, Certificate of Business Registration (Form A or Form B plus Form D)
  4. Relevant document as proof of income of business
  5. Trading and Profit Account and Balance Sheet of the firm (except for self employed)
  6. Latest 6 months Bank Statement (Sole Proprietor & Self Employed)
  7. Latest 3 months Bank Statement (Partnership)


Private Limited Company

  1. Form 9,13, 24 & 49
  2. Latest Company's Directors and Management profile
  3. Latest 3 months' Bank Statement
  4. Guarantor(s) NRIC (if applicable)


Public Listed Company

  1. Latest Form 49
  2. Latest Audited Annual Financial Statement (except for Direct Hire Purchase facilities)

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